Can poetry exist in these times of YouTube and Twitter? Of course. Moreover, social networks can become ideal platforms of diffusion. The beauty of poetry lies in its ability to mutate, adapt and update itself. In this lies its validity as art and means of communication.

The poetic scene is renewed with the appearance of young poets, who seize their resources and don’t bother on using social networks to publish their work. Detractors may exist, but what is poetry, in essence, hasn’t changed.

The concept of what poetry is, has grown over time because literary genres are kind of like live organisms that evolve continuously. Let’s be clear about what poetry is, which is any time beauty, a quality, or a feeling is manifested through the word.

So, it’s not necessary to publish a book to be a poet, nor rhyme is mandatory because even when this form of expression is manifested in prose, is called poetic prose. Another way to cover the genre. Keep reading and you’ll find some guidelines to start writing.

Find Themes to Write About

It’s important to find a source of inspiration, to stimulate the desire to write, a feeling or emotion that as an author, you want to explore. Many writers carry around a notebook, to write down ideas. But, if there is no paper, put it on the cell phone, works the same.

Learn to Use Lyrical Language

To write poems resorting to lyrical language is important, the goal of poetry is beauty, saying things as they have never been said before, even if they are everyday things or not exactly beautiful or positive. The lyrical rhythm develops by reading and writing poetry.

Message and Its Purpose

When writing a poem, its purpose and the message that seeks to be transmitted must be clear, you also have to have an idea of ​​the emotions you want to produce in the reader, you can always go beyond the sentimental and have a claim or memorial message.

Define the Shape Before Writing

From the basics: the rhyme, the metric and the number of verses. All this must be defined before you start writing and it’s useful to know the classical structures. Even if you decide to use a free verse or poetic prose. In the case of rhymed poetry, avoid easy rhymes limited to verbal endings.

Use Literary Figures and Find Your Voice

Mastering literary figures enhances the quality of your texts and is a great exercise to stimulate creativity. You don’t need a major in literature to achieve it, just a little practice. A poem can be written in the first person or not, speak to a person directly or generally, the first thing is to establish the voice and keep it throughout the poem. Even when there is a dialogue and more voices appear.

Don’t Forget the Punctuation

Some people think that verse writing is more flexible in terms of punctuation, but its use is as important or more important than in prose since it will largely depend on the rhythm and the introduction of pauses during reading.

The Poem is Meant to be Recited

Poetry can be read individually, but it’s a genre meant to be listened, to recite in public, to declaim with an interpretation, so the sound and rhythm are important. Therefore, poems should be read aloud to smooth any dissonance.