Robert Frost was a famous American poet. He was born in 1874 in San Francisco and died in 1963 in Boston. He is famous for his work about the rural life in New England and his majestic descriptions. He received four Pulitzer prizes for poetry. His work is still considered one of the best in this subject and he is largely appreciated. He was the descendant of a family with a very rich history. His family roots come from the first settlers of New England. In his early years he received a good education and following his higher education he started doing various jobs. He didn’t enjoy them, feeling that his true calling was poetry. In 1894 he managed to sell his first poem called “My Butterfly.An Elegy”. He received 15$ for his work and soon proposed to his girlfriend that later became Ms. Frost.

In 1900 he moved with his family to a farm in New Hampshire and started working in agriculture. By this time the couple had already had 2 children. For the next 12 years the family stability will be questionable from economic reasons. During this time Robert Frost made some of his best poems based on the amazing landscapes from this region. Elliot, the firstborn son of the family died of cholera in 1900. The second son died in 1940 by committing suicide. The second daughter died only weeks after she was born and the first daughter died during childbirth in her 20s. We can conclude that the family life of the poet was not very happy and this influenced his work immensely. In 1912 the family decided to move to Great Britain. This is the place where Frost managed to publish his first book A Boy’s Will. Here he met Ezra Pound and Edward Thomas, two personalities that would have a great impact on his life and work. They were the first that truly appreciated his work and encouraged him to continue to write. He soon published his second book, North of Boston. When WWI began the family decided to move back to the United States from safety reasons. His fame followed him soon. He was very welcomed in the literary world and many people appreciated his two books that were already published in the US.

In 1916 he published his third book called Mountain Interval. The inspiration for this book was Edward Thomas, the good friend of Frost. Many publishers that refused Frost in the beginning came running to him and many of his poems were now published in popular newspapers. In 1915 Frost and Elinor, his wife, settled in Franconia, New Hampshire. He then began a very long and successful career as a teacher at numerous colleges and schools. He used to recite poetry in front of huge crowds and he never stopped writing.  In 1960 the Congress awarded him the Congressional Gold Medal for his lifetime work. He then recited a poem in front of the Congress and President Kennedy. He will be remembered as some of the most prolific American writers in history.