“To be or not to be”

One of the most famous quotes of the English language in history, and it came from the one and only, William Shakespeare. Believe it or not, that little line inspired thousands of writers across the globe, making the most powerful form of expression, we know it as poetry, to expand and evolve. And it has not stopped doing so. We all know there are present day poets out there and that their work speaks louder that anything they’ll ever say. Modern-day “Blakes” or “Shakespeares,” where are they? Better yet, who are they? Here are a few of the best modern-day poets.

Don Paterson

Scottish writer, Don Paterson at first wasn’t looking to pursue a career in writing. He originally wanted to form his own band, as music was the first thing he wanted to dedicate to. Until he came across a poet who heavily influenced him. He devoted himself to reading about a year, and later began writing. His first collection, Nil Nil, was published in 1993, winning him the Best First Collection Prize. Nil Nil became known for its theme of how all our efforts in life, in the end, dwindle into nothing. It is also his most complex collection out of anything he has written.

Alice Oswald

Oswald had a deep interest in gardening and ecology, theming her work around these topics and always find some kind of way to include nature in her work. She’s known for writing book-length collections and recently won the Griffin Poetry award for Falling Awake, her latest collection. It is known for its deep and physically engaged connection with the natural world.

Kei Miller

Kei Miller, Jamaican poet, who later moved to England and established a new life there, said that the themes of his first collection stem from “what is beautiful comes from depression and emptiness.” His first collection is entitled, “Kingdom of empty bellies,” giving an interesting insight on the Caribbean experiences and insights. His second collection, “There is an Anger that Moves” is about a new comer moving to the U.K and the struggles that come along but the excitement of it also. His inspiration involves life experiences, as well as personal feelings and his work as won many awards.

Rupi Kaur

I’m pretty sure you’ve all heard of Kaur. She was already famous to begin with before she began writing. She was an internet start first and once she published her book Milk and Honey, things changed. Her book became very famous worldwide, and translated over 25 languages for its themes of violence, abuse, love and loss. Each chapter deals with a different kind of pain and a different kind of healing process, in a way that almost everyone can relate to. She then published her second book entitled, “The Sun and Her Flowers” that explores all kinds of phases of love.