Poetry has been around for longer than we can remember and has become one of strongest forms of artistic expression throughout history. People around the world have been moved to cultivate such a beautiful talent thanks to some historic poets who’ve inspired many, including myself. Here’s a list of the top five best poets of all time.

William Shakespeare

Evidently, Shakespeare will always be at the top of the list. He’s known to be the greatest writer in the English language. His writing didn’t limit to merely poems, but it expanded to plays as well, which have become known worldwide. His early work started out with comedies and histories but later on in his life, he focused his work on more tragic writings, such as the famous play of Macbeth, which is known to be the finest works in the English language. His work made a lasting impression on theatre and literature throughout time.  For example, before Romeo and Juliet, romance wasn’t viewed as something tragic.

Emily Dickinson

Dickinson is also a very well-known poet, who’s written over 1,800 poems in her lifetime but only fewer than a dozen was published. She spent most of her life secluded and isolated, barely having any friends. Even leaving her bedroom was something astounding. But the people she did come across, made a massive impact on her writing, which involved mainly two themes: Death and Immortality.

T.S Eliot

Eliot won a Nobel Prize for his major contribution to present-day poetry. To be on such a high scale of best poets, he wrote a relatively small amount. His inspiration was influenced by life experiences, and his university years, making a huge movement in modern poetry. He is mainly known for “The Love song of J. Alfred. Prufrock,” and “The Wasteland,” which got everyone talking so much that, it became the most talked about poem in history.

Edgar Allan Poe

Allan Poe became known at first not for his poetry, but mainly for his criticism towards it because his style of literary was unique. It was the later on that he published his first poem, “The Raven,” instantly granting him success. He then began to continue writing poetry and short stories. His work was usually labelled as “Gothic” since it involved themes such as, effects of decomposition, premature burial, and mourning. Although his work was quite dark, he felt it was something that people appealed to. And he was right.

William Blake

Blake is very well known for his creativity and his imagination. His work was not noticed until after his death because during his lifetime, people thought he was insane for his quirky views. His poetry involves very complex symbolism and the changes of perspectives. If you study his art deeply enough, you’ll appreciate his open mind and how determined he was to stick to his unique style, not caring at all about popularity. Two of his most famous works are “Songs of Experience” and “Songs of Innocence.” And the list can go on and on, for most of our best modern poets have been influenced by these masterminds. Dig deeper into their work. Maybe you’ll be inspired to create a masterpiece of your own.