In our modern world, where the internet and mobile technology has taken over almost every aspect of human life, it only makes sense that traditional media and learning platforms also make their way into smartphones and mobile devices.

The same could be said about poetry. If you are after reading or listening to poetry or even learning about (and writing) poetry, you could now find a handy mobile app that would be suitable for you.

Apps for Learning about Poetry

  • The Sonnet Project (Android) :This mobile app, made by the New York Shakespeare Exchange, does not only hold a complete library of The Bard’s poems and sonnets. They have also created short films, all set in historic sections of New York city, for each of Shakespeare’s 154 sonnets.
  • Poems by Heart from Penguin Classics (iOS) : If you want to memorise poetry for class, for performances or simply just for your own goals, then this app will help you do so. It is more for a poetry performer or a student than a leisure reader.
  • Haiku Poem (Android and iOS) :The International Reading Association creates the app. It is designed to help children learn about the Japanese art of haiku. The app also features to aid children in writing their own haikus.

Apps for Poetry Reading

If you are having a rough, melancholy day, there is nothing like a good poem that can sympathise with your emotions and experiences. You can set aside your dusty poetry books and turn it in for mobile apps that would let you access classic and modern poetry libraries in the convenience of your smartphone.

  1. PoemHunter (Android and iOS) : This app was initially a website where people were able to submit their poetry. PoemHunter is no longer just an online website, thanks to smartphone technology. You can now download their mobile app and have access to millions of poems in their poetry library.
  2. Poetry Foundation (Android and iOS) : Another web library turned mobile app is Poetry from the Poetry Foundation. You can read both timeless classics from canonical authors and newer poetry in their library. 
  3. Wings – Poems & Poets for the Love of Poetry (Android and iOS) : Wings lets its users read poetry along with relevant information about the poem. You can also personalise your experience as it enables you to list your favourites and pair photos with your favourite poems. 
  4. Foundation creates : this poetry app. You will be able to enjoy loads of content in their audio library. In some cases, you can choose to hear or view the recitation of classical poetry as performed by actors.
  5. SlamFind (Android) : Slam poetry is all the rage these days. The poems represent raw emotion and angst that many of today’s youth, maybe even adults, identify with. SlamFind allows its users to connect to live poetry venues and performances worldwide.

Apps for Poetry Writing

With the power of technology, modern poets can now also put aside the old pen and paper as you can also find poetry writing apps to help you write original poetry in your mobile device.

  1. Poet’s Pad – This mobile app is made for all kinds of poets – speaker poets or writing poets. It has word processors and digital audio recording software based on your preference. It is also programmed with a rhyming dictionary and thesaurus.
  2. PortaPoet – Writing poems and rhymes for greeting cards would be fun and effortless with the help of this app. It also makes sure that sharing your creative work via social media will be an easy task to do. 
  3. Be a Poet – This mobile app is multifunctional and designed to help poets in meditating, brainstorming and writing their poems.