The world of poetry is making rapid inroads into the world of social media. Today it is no longer necessary for the aspiring poet to spend endless hours creating, only to be frustrated by a lack of exposure. The world wide web has granted access to exactly that, the world! Poetry is intensely personal, both for the writer and the reader or listener but it doesn’t necessarily want to be secretive, and its power to relate to and motivate others can only occur if it is circulated.

Young and old poets alike are discovering the enormous potential of putting their work on the social media platform. Creating a web site or blog can maintain the writers individual style both in terms of the content and presentation of their work. Especially when blogging, individuals can be as free form as they desire, and the reader has the pleasure of almost observing the poet at work, as the process of expression is revealed.

As with all creative things, the work of a poet or writer presenting poetic criticism is subjective and there has emerged a large number of contributors. To see what might be of interest, the individual needs to invest some time and simply delve into this fascinating world of literature. The following blogs and websites may help to start with what will no doubt be a revealing and enjoyable journey for either a fellow poet or interested reader.

A Good Place to Start

A good place to start is which exists to help individuals create their own blogs. Having done so, many of them have tagged their poetry and have subsequently been gathered and featured on this site. This has the distinct advantage of showcasing a sample of numerous writers from which the reader can select ones whose blogs they will be directly linked to. If you want to begin by reading blogs that have already established some credibility in the literary world, the following suggestions might be helpful.

Essential Reads

The Poetry Trust has commented that Anthony Wilson’s poetry blog should be considered an essential read, and he has established himself as a powerful voice in the world of poetry and the field of education. He covers a wide range of topics showcasing his own work as well as writing about it and the work of others in a very open and honest way.

Baroque in Hackney has been established in 2006, so the site certainly has built a following and reputation for quality, being shortlisted for the Orwell Prize in 2012. Katy Evans-Bush covers poetry and the arts and culture in general and speaks from the perspective of someone who doesn’t just write poetry but has a good understanding of the mechanics of the process. Poetry is a blog from their website which posts about three times a week with articles about poetry, publishing and how to get the most from reading the featured poetry.

Take a look at Write Out Loud a blog that centers on performance poetry and can inform the poets looking for open mic opportunities as well as those looking to hear them. Finally, for a different flavor (literally!), check out Eat The Poem, a blog where cooking meets poetry and story telling that creates the best kind of comfort food! There are so many more options out there, but this little taste demonstrates the variety and the availability of good resources for the poetry seeking community.