Poetry is considered one of the most beautiful forms of art. It is very accessible to anyone and it is legendary for waking up feelings and sparking emotions. There are many ways in which we can get in contact with poetry. The classic way to enter this amazing world is to read a poem book. These are widely available and these are also many poems from renowned or indie writers that can be found online. But the true beauty of poetry is truly revealed when we hear someone recite that poem in the way it was written. We have listed some of the best places where you can go in order to hear poetry near you.

Book shops usually have special events where they invite authors or actors to recite poems. Take a closer look to the websites of your local book shops and see when they have their next event. There is also the possibility to find a book launching where the author will recite from the new book. These are very good opportunities to see experts in this domain recite for free. The atmosphere at these events is usually very relaxed and you have the final advantage to see these artists perform live. Theaters are not only for renowned shows. There are many smaller events where artists are invited to recite their favorite poems or they are designated a specific author. The prices of these events vary a lot and you have to search a bit in order to find one. There is also the possibility to find a show that is focused around a poem book and transformed into a play. There are many contemporary theaters that like to mix poetry with acting in order to enhance the feelings of the audience.

Poetry and book clubs are also a very good choice. They are usually quite easy to find and there are many people enrolled in this kind of activity. The age doesn’t usually matter because the main bond between these people is their love for literature. You will hear amateurs recite poetry but this doesn’t mean that they are not good. Many of these people are very passionate about what they are doing and you will find very interesting versions of the same poem. There are also many cafes that host cultural events where people are invited to share their favorite poem in front of other literature fans. This is also a very good place where you can hear very interesting poems of which you might have not even heard.

The easiest to access is the internet. There are many websites and even on-line radios that broadcast only this kind of material. If you look carefully you can even find them at the normal radios. This is a very good way to hear poetry if you are very busy or if you don’t have designated events near you. There are also many themed radios that approach different types of poems. All of these options are great and work for all different people.